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Huuda Huuda is a Finnish comic publisher, run by Tommi Musturi and Jelle Hugaerts. When we started (in 2006) there was a sad situation in Finland in which almost no decent comics were translated anymore and we set out to improve that. In the next few years, bigger book publishers started again publishing more and more "important" comic books, graphic novels the likes of Fun Home and Black Hole while Huuda Huuda felt it as a task to publish comic books that otherwise no other publisher would touch; Hence Gary Panter's Jimbo books in Finnish. Although we would die to publish the likes of Chester Brown or Daniel Clowes and be perfectly able to do so, we still feel it is the task of the Big Boys to release their books, not ours. Throughout our short existence we have published in Finnish the works of artists such as Olivier Schrauwen, Lilli Carré, Florent Ruppert & Jérôme Mulot, Anders Nilsen, Joann Sfar, Rui Tenreiro, Kamagurka & Herr Seele, Gary Panter, Kolbeinn Karlsson, Emelie Östergren, Bendik Kaltenborn, ...

Apart from translated books into Finnish, we also put out works from local comic artists. Some of these names might ring a bell, if you are into "alternative" comics: Amanda Vähämäki (Drawn &Quarterly, Buenaventura Press, Canicola, Fremok), Aapo Rapi (Kramer's Ergot, Rackham), Tommi Musturi (Reprodukt, Bries, La 5e Couche, Optimal Press, Mmmnnnrrrg), Ville Ranta (Cà et Là, Optimal Press), Roope Eronen (Nazi Knife), Jyrki Nissinen, Jaakko Pallasvuo (Kaugummi Books), Anna Sailamaa, Hanneriina Moisseinen, Jarno Latva-Nikkola, ...

Thirdly, Huuda Huuda has also published the following anthologies, which are all completely in English and offer a good view on Finnish comic art of today:

Finnish Comics Annual 2011 is a massive 300-page whopper, the size of Kramer's Ergot 6, with a selection of the best Finnish comics as edited by Ville Hänninen. The theme of the anthology is to display Finnish comics in the area where they flourish feverishly, namely in the vague domain where everyday life gets surreal streaks.

Adios III is an art anthology that embraces wild street art, brutal fanzine culture and art as an alternative way of doing, experiencing and living.

GlömpX is the tenth volume of Glömp serie, featuring 15 artists who have produced comics in three dimensional fashion, so that every story is a tangable object.

MOST of the books by our Finnish artists have english subtitles on the bottom. You can buy our books by emailing us or through our webstore.

Important note: if you are a comic artist aspiring to get published abroad and see in this description the invitation to send your work to us, please: do not. Huuda Huuda is just a small outfit and we have to really carefully select which books we will put out. So if you are not even getting published in your own country, please think twice to send us 5 megabyte emails. If you have been however welcomed to the ranks of the published ones, just send us a copy of your book and we will get back to you.